Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Good bye TTC blog

Dear friends,

As my title explains, yes I have decided to end my ttc blog. I have thought about this and I have decided to say goodbye to my ttc blog. The reason being is ...I started to blog purely to share my experience and struggle that I went through on my ttc journey so that those ttc can have an idea what to expect during a treatment. As my respect to those ttc, I think I should end this blog. No doubt I have so many experiences and struggle that I am going through having a premature baby, but I decided I will not share it here. I really want to share the story of a premature baby in a different blog. Just that, I do not have the time to write a new blog right now as my sunshine really needs my attention. But I am sure I will start it soon as I want share my experience as I feel it will be helpful to some mothers out there. 

What I have gain by my ttc blog so far?

1) I have been able to keep track of my treatment and journey.
2) I found some new friends who were there to support me during the good and bad times.
3) I have a self satisfaction that my blog somehow motivated some friends to keep on trying to conceive and try out fertility treatments.

I am only saying goodbye to this ttc blog but my email account will still be active. Please do not hesitate to email me if you have any questions on my journey. I will try my best to get back to you the soonest. Please drop an email to 

For those who are ttc, please do not lose hope. Keep on trying as you might not know when you will hit the jackpot. Stay strong and be positive. My prayers will always be there for those who are ttc as I know how difficult it is to get up each time you fail. Wishing you all the luck and baby dust to all of you guys out there.

To my sunshine,

Acca and Amma had gone through leaps and bounds trying to get you.
You were so difficult to find.
At times, we were given the ray of sunshine but at last it ended up with a heavy rain instead.
We felt you were so near yet so far.
At first, we never thought it will be as difficult and challenging to find you.
When we found that you were in me, nothing was more beautiful than you.
Even when the pregnancy phase was not good, I tried to keep you as healthy as I could.
I remember the time when you kicked me when I asked you why you were smaller than supposed to be.
I carried you to regular checkups.
I was shocked when the Dr said you were not safe in me anymore.
I know I prayed so hard in the OT that you will come out from me healthy.
No doubt you cried your lungs out when you were pulled from my stomach.
I saw Acca carried you in awkward way since you were so tiny.
I gave you a kiss which you certainly were not aware of.
You were too tiny and your eyes were shut.
I was surprised I did not cry when I held you for the first time.
But now every day I look at you while you are asleep, I just enjoy my tears as I know my sunshine is finally here.
I have more to tell you but not here.
No money can buy the happiness that you have brought into our lives.
You are priceless and we love you so much.

To be continued.......


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